• Erin L. Webb

Firm on the Move!

Based on recent events, I'm putting the pieces in place to move my primary address to Arlington, Virginia, where I live and have been working from home for the last. . . how long has it been? From shutdown to shutdown, the repetitive days at home do seem to make time slip away a little.

This was a long time coming and carefully considered. Given the virtual nature of courts these days, I'll still remain able and ready to serve clients in DC and Maryland courts, too, but in terms of timely receiving mail and having a place to pop in quickly for a conference room or day desk if I need one, it just makes sense for it to be walkable to my home.

Old habits die hard, however, and there was still a part of me that wanted the "prestige" of a DC address - especially near K Street, which was my work home for more than a decade and a half.

And then I realized how silly that is. I'm the antithesis of marble lobbies and mega-overhead! I am the only person who needs to be consulted on management decisions! So, I looked at all my options, hard. I reconsidered.

Waiving into the Virginia bar (in the first virtual-only swearing ever in June 2020!) means I have more options, both in terms of practice and location. Fully embracing the leanness and flexibility a solo practice demands meant I really needed to put my head down and consider everything. A few key factors made the difference for me:

  • There are a relatively low number of policyholder-side insurance coverage lawyers in Northern Virginia, and I'm happy to step in and help (even though that probably means getting admitted to the EDVA as well...yet another bar membership to keep up!)

  • Due to pandemic measures, my local urban walkable area is more immediately appealing than metro-accessible places right now, and for the foreseeable future.

  • Being a Virginia lawyer means I finally have the opportunity to invest in my local community on a professional level in ways I couldn't before, and I'm excited to embrace that.

  • I need flexibility, anticipating that the upcoming school year may involve rising numbers, shutdowns, and more weeks of virtual school, during which I'll need to be present, as my kids are too young to be left home alone.

Before you get concerned, my very involved 50/50 partner in Household, LLC has also informed his employer he'll need to share the load of these inevitable disruptions, and has asked for their grace and accommodation in dealing with it.

Watch this space for a bright, shiny new Ballston address in the next month or so! Between this and a new bank, it's been a lot of paperwork, but that's the life of a solo!

(Maybe someday soon I'll be able to litigate in New York, too! Fingers crossed about that legislation that's pending, but that's a separate post. Trust me, if it happens, I'll be excited about it.)

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